The Bishop Fleming Great West Run

25 May 2025



Spectators play a big role in creating the race day atmosphere! Picking out a runner’s name on their t-shirt gives a much needed boost when the legs are tiring, and the cheers that you hear when you are heading to the finish line help to find that little extra energy you didn’t know was there.

Bring The Energy:

Race day buzz is electric and the crowds play an invaluable role in supporting all the runners. Make as much noise as you can; clap, cheer, call out a name and hand out the all-important Jelly Babies!

Please Be Respectful:

There will be a lot of spectators, runners and race officials on-site throughout the day. Tensions can run a little high and it can be really tempting to litter. Please be respectful of our local environment and use the bins provided. If you’re feeling super helpful and spot some litter, we’d love it if you could help out and place it in the bin!

The same comes to parking and travel. Please check out our published guides to access and parking.

For more information, please visit our FAQs